CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, UNITE! If all of God's Children in every land and from every walk of life would unite in a common effort to bring peace to the world, God would smile and bless us all. Children are born into this world without malice or hatred or revenge in their hearts. They learn violence from their elders. Jesus recognized the uncorrupted purity of children, as have other great religious leaders throughout the ages.

If only we would forget and forgive and watch the God given smile on a baby's face and learn to listen to the laughter of little children and pass that innocent beauty on to others the world might someday become a planet of peace.

So that our children might lead us to a new awakening and understanding of each other they are invited to join KIDSFORPEACE.ORG. We invite every child to present to the adults of the world their ideas about how to bring love and kindness and charity and peace to not only all the earth's human inhabitants but also to help stop the war by people against all of God's creatures both great and small.

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